Begins March 2019

This year’s program will be broken into 3 separate teams; Legends, Bold, Fierce

Legends will consist of our Revered Graduates and top players in the program.

Bold & Fierce will be sorted by talent and experience.

Skill Development

Our Spring and Summer basketball program focused mostly on improving skills in areas where players lack or need improvement. During this time, players participate in team training with Ballaxy coaching staff and special guest trainers and coaches.

Spring 2019

Alternating Fridays: Shooting & Ballhandling

Alternating Sundays: Team Practice & Guest Trainers

Summer 2019

Alternating Fridays: Training & Open Gym

Alternating Saturdays: Training & Open Gym

Alternating Sundays: Training & Open Gym

Check the Calendar for more.

Home & Away Games

We enjoy hosting home games as it allows players families to come out and enjoy the competitions. All of our home games are free to watch and very exciting. We also play away games in local tournaments.

Spring 2019

Home Games: 6-8 Games at Garden Grove Rec Center

Away Tournaments: 2 Away Tournaments.

Summer 2019

 Saturdays: Home & Away Games

Sundays: Home & Away Games

Check the calendar for more.


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